Our work has consistently delivered above expectation results

Our clients, past and present, have stated that our work is delivered in a highly professional manner. The results have always provided value for money, and have created business growth and opportunities.

Creative Marketing and Design Services

Our Timeline

1990 - creation of company to provide a client base digital and traditional print based services, 1990 - 2005 - launched, managed and produced a real estate publication with a weekly readership of 350,000 [ In 16 years never missed a deadline ], 1992 -2000 - launched and produced three local free sheet magazines with a monthly readership of 700,000 ... READ MORE

Flexible to fit all your needs

Marketing Consultants providing B2B and B2C marketing solutions.

FDPMEDIA is a full-service design and marketing firm providing creative B2B and B2C marketing services, combined with common sense business consulting. We provide multi-level marketing strategies that are integrated to produce increased sales and take-up for better company performance.

Saving clients hard earned money

We have the experience and knowledge to guide clients through the maze of choices when it comes to marketing their businesses. With so many choices for media outlets, types of advertising programs, online and offline, methods of website design creation, and how to reach decision makers, the reality is the options can be confusing, and picking the wrong avenue can be very costly. Selecting the right tools to provide the highest return on investment is something we do all the time for clients, and it has proven to be very beneficial to having someone to guide and rationalize choices.

The complete one-stop-shop service

We supply the complete range of online and offline B2B and B2C marketing tools a company or organization requires, provide select services or just advise on options that a client may be considering. We create and manage all work processes internally so you can be assured that any information you provide stays with us, is secure and remains highly confidential - we do not outsource like other marketing firms - ask us what the differences are.

We have for over 25 years provided marketing solutions to a range of clients from multi-nationals to single person organizations. We offer multi level programs to fit all budgets and sizes of businesses and we take good care of each client irrespective of size. We walk clients through the maze of options explaining the implications of each possible route. We have creative design and marketing experience that started from the drawing board and now lives on in the digital age - old media has met new media. We have traditional skill sets that are essential to a businesses daily needs and a full understanding of how technology has altered the way we work and we understand how business works!

Our clients needs some first

We put our clients needs before any monetary gain from supplying our services - we work to budgets and deliver on time - ask our clients. We have the marketing experience qualifications and the experience to offer, and outline IN FULL any proposals in writing before we action them, taking a step-by-step approach and the client knows what we are doing.