Digital Marketing Services

Service timeline: 1990 to the present day

Services offered: Organic Search Engine Placement | Google Analytics | Local Search Marketing | PPC | Adwords | Link Building | Practical Use Social Media | Video Marketing | Splash Pages | Landing Pages | Newsletter Creation | CRM Integration

In a world of fast changing information it can be higly effective to use technology to deliver messages in a digital manner in appropriate locations. These messages can alter quickly as your products or services evolve.

Digital Marketing Consultations, Design, Research, Analysis and Strategies : Exhibition digital displays, mall signage, outdoor advertising, presentations, pay per click advertising and YouTube Channels are included in the range of digital marketing services we provide.

FDPMEDIA provides digital marketing services including graphic design and production in a variety of platforms including video and flash. Digital advertising or digital messaging is a very high impact method of providing end users information in a contained and easy to digest manner.

A few examples where digital marketing works are : Company entrances, where guests are waiting, can be provided with a digital display of information about the company products and services or a company history. Shopping malls or outdoor digital signs are a great way to provide messages to a wide audience who will be attracted to the messages changing as they pass by.

FDPMEDIA can also provide highly impacting digital presentations created in Flash Media, Video or Power points - presentations that create audience participation and a higher level of audience education.

We can create YouTube Channels and provide video messages that can be used across a wide range of media including desktop and mobile websites.