FDPMEDIA provide a range of marketing services that compliment our creative design services.

Service timeline: 1990 to the present day

Services offered: Marketing Consultancy | Business Start-Up Support | Digital Marketing | Internet Marketing | Business Re Launch |

FDPMEDIA is a marketing consultancy that's ideally placed to support medium and small sized companies. We have 25+ years of experience at local, national and international levels. We provide a range of marketing services that fit neatly into businesses looking for a part-time expert who is flexible, and can provide solutions by the hour, on contract or by the project.

If you are looking for results driven B2B and B2C solutions to create more interest in your products or services, that leads to growth and sales, then contact us for a outline of what we can do for you. We will come to your office or place of work, and explain how we have helped many businesses.

Web Design, Digital Media, Brochures, Branding, Logos...

We can integrate advertising, web sites, corporate identity, branding and all of the other elements that a company uses. This approach can increase the opportunity to get the message across to the intended market and heighten sales levels.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing for small to medium sized businesses is a process that takes time and can involve a great deal of research to ensure that a marketing plan is to be effective. What is Marketing? Marketing is the systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities intended to bring together buyers and sellers for the mutually advantageous exchange or transfer of products. In short, plain and simple language, marketing is the process we take you through that gets you more sales.

Cost Effective, Results Driven

We provide a cost effective marketing consultancy service, offering a range of solutions. Services include online and offline marketing processes, with the focus on finding new customers and client for you, who will provide ongoing or repeat business, as well as solidifying existing client customer relationships.

We can identify target markets through research and analysis, which is especially important when directing a particular marketing strategy to a specific target group. Targeting is very important today, and is proven to increase business take-up and increase sales.