Client: Techni Process Advanced Engineering

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FDPMEDIA provide the support and service base at all levels that Techni Process North America and Techni Process Group requires

Service timeline: 2007 - present day

Services Provided: Marketing Strategies | Corporate Identity | Stationery | Trade Shows | Web Site Design Development and Maintenance | Brochures | Support Materials | Copywriting | Point to Point Client File Exchange | Print Management | Photography

Objectives: To prepare a marketing position and design and produce the required marketing tools to create a high profile presence for Techni Process throughout North America. To compete in a highly competitive and narrow marketplace, and become a known source for advice, support and process products.

Plan of action: Create an identity that works in the industry of focus; prepare marketing tools that are targeted towards potential clients; establish a reputation for excellence within the process industries.

Works: A corporate identity was established, literature, online tools including a website, plus product information sheets were designed and produced. Subsequently exhibition signage were produced, delivered and implemented. Over the years we have met and exceeded expecations, with this client taking advice as to how to deliver information to globally known clients in the manner in which Techni Process's clients expect it. Hard copy printed literature, as well as digital PDF format brochures and information sheets, allows Techni Process to deliver personalized and clear information to key individuals located within companies that Techni Process serves.

Outcome: Techni Process has established a highly trusted reputation for delivering exceptional services, products and results for the process industries. FDPMEDIA remain at Techni Process service as required.

Techni Process North America & Techni Process SAS (Europe)

''FDPMEDIA provides Techni Process North America and Techni Process Europe with outstanding services. They are very professional, hard working and are dedicated leaders within their field. FDPMEDIA are only a phone call away and they go above and beyond what we ask of them. We will continue to use FDPMEDIA both sides of the Atlantic for many years to come''

Michal Siczek, President, Techni Process North America