Client: Rehabilitation Manufacturing Services (RMS)

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Through information provision RMS grew into a stronger company financially.

Service timeline: 1996 - 2004

Services Provided: Brochures | Sales Presenters | Branding | Advertising Campaigns | Trade Shows | Signage | Copywriting | Photography | Illustration

Objectives: To provide information to health service buyers who are financial controllers, Doctors and Nurses, in a tangible and clear manner. To allow buyers to understand the products being purchased through effective information brochures and product sheets, resulting in a smoother financial process to take place between multi-departmentalized buyers and RMS.

Plan of action: Understand the process of design and manufacturing of health products, and how this relates to purchasing and payment of health products.

Works: Design and produce a modernized corporate identity, design and produce a wide range of product brochures and leaflets, design and produce a company website, design and produce a range of product guides in printed and digital PDF format for distribution with the final products.

Outcome: RMS believe FDPMEDIA were instrumental in providing informational literature of a high standard that allowed a smoother process of invoicing to payment, an area that had been a major concern for RMS for the previous 20 years.

RMS (Rehabilitation Manufaturing Services)

“For the previous five years we have been using FDPMEDIA with great success, being very impressed by their enthusiasm and attention to detail”

Roger Thompson, Managing Director, Rehabilitation Manufacturing Services Ltd