Client: Golf Without Limits, Ontario



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FDPMEDIA successfully helped Golf Without Limits through its initial growth years.

Service timeline: 2006 - 2010

Services Provided: Corporate Identity | Stationery | Consultancy | Brochures | Sales Support Materials | Signage | Web Design and Production | Photography | Copywriting

Objectives: To introduce a new technology for Golf enthusiasts in Ontario. To also develop corporate traction with businesses and corporations to use the technology as a team building tool, and to bring professionals together to enable high end coaching and training to take place using cutting edge technology.

Plan of action: Working alongside key members of Golf Without Limits, identify the needs of the company in terms of how to gain maximum exposure from limited resources.

Works: Design and produce a range of items from handouts, flyers, incentives and website media. Join Golf Without Limits during their attendance at golf and sporting events as well as offering support during their attendance at exhibitions.

Outcome: During our period of tenure Golf Without Limits used our services to create a basis from which to promote and market their product. When Golf Without Limits took a more arcade, non educational or instructional avenue, FDPMEDIA decided our services were of less value, and chose to no longer support Golf Without Limits.