Client: FREEPLAY Dog Accessories


Website Design and Production:

Sales Presenters:

Website Design and Production:

Corporate Identity:

Point of Sale:


User Guides:

FDPMEDIA provided the essential marketing tools to enable FREEPLAY products to be taken to market.

Service timeline: 2010 - 2012

Services Provided: Marketing Consultancy | Corporate Identity | Stationery | Trade Shows | Web Site Design and Development | Brochures | Sales Support Material | Signage | Illustration | Copywriting

Objectives: To assist FREEPLAY to market their product to end users and wholesalers.

Plan of action: Changed the name to FREEPLAY Dog Accessories to highlight what the company provides, enabling an easier connection with buyers. To look at ways to both offer the product to individual buyers and to work alongside retail outlets, stores and wholesalers from a bulk manufacturing and distribution perspective.

Works: Create a corporate identity that reflects the name, and is translatable into a range of pet items in development. To design and produce sales presenters to allow meetings to take place with household name wholesalers and retail outlets. To design and produce websites that encompass FREEPLAY Dog Accessories and a stand alone site for multisak, the first product to be launched. To design and produce exhibition signage, users guides and point of sale signage for retail outlets to promote FREEPLAY Dog Accessories products.

Outcome: FREEPLAY Dog Accessories initially made headway into a very tight market place but financial pressures meant scaling back operations.