Client: Alarmtech, London Ontario

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FDPMEDIA's role was to reposition, rebrand and target individual market sectors with delivery of direct information, allowing growth and success.

Service timeline: 2006 - 2012

Services delivered: Corporate Identity | Stationery | Web Site Design and Development | Brochures | Support Materials | Vehicle Graphics | Copywriting | Database and Data Manipulation

Objectives: To lift the tired and confusing image of a long standing London Ontario company into one that will allow it to grow and create new customers and clients in a highly competitive marketplace.

Plan of action: Create a modern corporate identity, establish a clear range of services that are available through professional marketing tools and focus on commercial sector activity.

Works: Over several months a new corporate identity was established, new literature, online tools including a new website and customer data and record access through a bespoke database connection.

Outcome: Alarmtech continues to operate in London Ontario having grown rapidly while with FDPMEDIA. In 2012/13 FDPMEDIA decided to no longer offer services to Alarmtech, but we are pleased to note the original brand, style and direction is being used by other web media suppliers.


“Throughout the process of our re-branding FDPMEDIA were outstanding in their grasp of our profession, their creativity, recognition and understanding of the role we currently play and the need to transform our business into a stronger and more viable one for the community we serve.”

Brian Gibbs, Manager, Alarmtech, London, Ontario