About FDPMEDIA and the last 25+ years

We are a Design & Marketing Consultant, providing services to small and medium sized businesses that are looking for low-cost high impact results.

We go the extra mile to make sure your business is getting the best possible opportunity to succeed. We look at your target market and make recommendation as to how to best reach the customers you need to survive and grow ... READ ABOUT OUR HISTORY

Flexible to fit all your needs

FDPMEDIA have provided marketing services for clients ranging from major international corporations and organizations to locally based companies, small and large. Our experience of assisting customers to grow goes back over 30+ years. We remain the creative force behind client growth and development using our abilities to understand the importance of building an affective relationship between the provider of services and products and those that use them via communication tools.

We have adapted to many changes within our industry, and understand that ongoing marketing is a process that continually needs to be built into any company that wishes to exist long-term.

Graphic Design is more than art - it is a means to communicate, to provide information and to ensure that any response is structured to generate positive results about the product or service on offer. Our depth of experience in the field of marketing and communications through graphic design as a medium is shown through our portfolio of 25+ years of direct business to business support. Our in-house professional design and marketing services prove exceptional for our clients.

FDPMEDIA works with clients to first understand their businesses, and then we work together to shape the best possible solution for them. We never forget that no one knows your business as well as you do, but we know how to present it. Every project will be handled by one individual from its conception to its conclusion..

Experience combined with professionalism

Every step we take is towards providing a combined, powerful and unified message system that is then directed at our clients customers to build confidence and to generates sales.